Mónica Lavandera: "Don't complicate your life and above all go for something comfortable"

This spring we have some new brands in our stores and webshop. One of these newcomers is the Spanings Lavendera. We had a short chat with Mónica Lavandera, the founder and designer of Lavendera. You can now discover the first items in our stores in Mechelen and Antwerp, and of course online.

- Today, much of our clothing has a short cycle in our lives, and even the clothes we don't wear end up in the landfill or are burned. As a designer, how do you ensure that garments are actually worn and last a long time?

The key to this issue is in our understanding of design. This ensures that customers can enjoy our garments for a long time. We work with high quality garments with good fabrics. And they are garments with a clean and timeless design. We have customers who have had garments in their closets for more than 10 years.

- How has your vision of sustainability and fashion changed since you founded Lavandera?

At the beginning it was a more intuitive vision. We made the processes thinking about proximity and quality control. Later we started to develop these aspects in a more technical way and more conscious of the impact our work could have if we didn't do things right. But we have always been committed to having a fashion studio with limited growth. Hence our work with limited production garments.

- What inspires you the most when designing the collections?

I always think about the volumes and small details that a person can discover when buying a Lavandera garment. This brand was born with a strong interest in the pattern-making technique and since its origins we have been developing and perfecting this technique. That is why we always say that we have our own dictionary of shapes and volumes. The patterns are all developed in our studio. This is something that sets us apart from many brands.

- Is it easy to find the way between creativity and design and, on the other hand, commerciality?

It's very difficult! Perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face every season. When you have a strong creative drive and you are born as a creator and not as a company, this challenge is very complicated. But every season we try to offer the maximum creativity according to our audience. I'm not going to lie to you.... We would like to be able to present more daring designs.

- What are your favorite garments from the current collection?

I love the trench coats, pants and some jackets.

- Is there anyone who inspires you in the field of fashion and sustainability? Why?

I look for inspirations outside the textile field because I think it's more enriching. I really like to look at trends in architecture for example. In small creators like @gramatica_arquitectonica or @ariarkitektura who have a lot to say and they have small companies like ours. I also love gastronomy and here in Donostia we have great creators like @mugaritz or @restaurantamelia.

- What is your style compared to Lavandera's?

I would like to refer to this saying: the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. I almost always go in my tracksuit. Maybe it's to clear my mind a bit. When you're going through a lot of creative processes, sometimes it helps to focus.
- Do you have any style tips or tricks that you find particularly useful?

Yessssss. Don't complicate your life and above all go for something comfortable. Forget your complexes and enjoy what you wear!!!

- Besides designing and running a brand, what keeps you busy in life?

Nothing else!!! Ha ha ha.

- Oh, that sounds quite typical for someone with their own business... Thanks for taking the time with us!

Discover the collection of Lavendera here.

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