White is the new black for the Summer - tips & tricks to wear it


Black is a trusted colour for many of us. Or you could have another dark favourite: navy, brown or anthracite... Anyhow for the Summer it is nice to swap the dark colours to something lighter. And we also see a lit of beautiful tones of white in the stores and on the streets. Maybe it is time to leave the dark basics and go for your favourite version of white? 


In this blogpost you can find tips to wear white in different ways. You can use pure white, off white, ivory, cream, eggshell, ecru, oatmilk… the tones of white are almost endless. Pay attention to your own natural colouring when you choose your right white, especially if you would wear white next to your face. On bottoms the colour is further away from your face and has less of an impact on your face.

If you know you have warm colouring your white should ideally contain some warmth too, to be more creamy, or more close to beige. If you have cooler colouring, look for more greyish off white or go for pure white.


You can really compare white to black and use it in many different ways, it is as versatile as any other of the neutral colours you could choose. Here I will present some easy ways to start with.

1. Combine white with your favourite accent colours. These can be bright colours, pastels or softer colours. So basically choose some of your favourite colourful colour to wear with your chosen version of white. 

2. Pair your white with another neutral colour like black, brown, beige, grey, navy or jeans blue. Stylish and easy! 

High neck top €29,95, wide trousers €165


3. White is a beautiful blank canvas for prints and patterns. Especially when you find white in the pattern too it will be simple to combine it with the same white. But you can combine white with other prints too, even if they combine other colours only. 

Blouse €109,90, shorts €85

4. Go all white with your outfit.
A timeless Summer solution. Combine with colourful accessories or a jacket and you are ready to go. 

Linen top €59,90, jeans skirt €119,90


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