Are you interested in living more sustainable? Are you interested in fair and slow fashion? Do you have a small or large network of friends, colleagues and family offline and online who you would like to give your tips on sustainable style, your favourite eco + fair pieces and brands? Then you might want to join our new ambassador program! 

The program has several options for activity. You will freely choose what you want to concentrate in, or just do it all, if you like. You choose also how much time you can invest in being an ambassador. We will co-ordinate the work with regular emails, and hopefully also soon with some face-to-face events.



As a small independent concept we do not have a huge marketing budget for traditional media, and anyhow we believe one-on-one marketing works the best, from someone who you know and trust. Therefore we have launched our own ambassador program, for people who like our eco and fair concept and our brands, and who in addition do not mind to tell other people about Supergoods, and offer new clients an interesting new client offer. By doing so, you collect also points in our Good Vibes Club, to get your own discount code or make your own donation sooner. And we, we just might find a new client to visit one of our stores or shop online on a regular basis. It's a win for your friends, it's a nice bonus for you, and it can definitely help us to find some new regular clients. 

In practice?

We give you special 'Bring a friend' promo cards, size of a business card so easy to keep with you,  which you can give to your contacts, the way you want. Just write your own name and email address on the card as well as the name of your friend. They can give the card to us, when they come shopping the first time, and when they want to use their discount. The benefit for your friend is €10 discount of a purchase of minimum €50. So basically they can get up to 20% discount, which is quite nice! 

By introducing a new client you get 1000 points to your own personal Good Vibes Club which you probably already have. This comes down to a discount of €10 or a donation of €10 to one of our good causes. The condition is that the new client makes a purchase of minimum €50 in our stores or online on our webshop. Due to the return policy online there is a 'cool off' period of 2 weeks, as all clients online have a right to return within 2 weeks, so this way there would be slight chance of misusing the system. So the points will appear on your account after 2 weeks of the initial purchase of the new client, your friend.

You can just pick up some cards in our stores or if you live further we can send you some via the post.


We regularly have new eco and fair products in our collection and it is interesting to hear what our clients think about them. As an ambassador you may volunteer to test the products as soon as they arrive, and review them for others. This way you may get some free products, which you hopefully will like. What we expect as a return is an honest opinion and a review in writing with a photo of the product, or as a video. There is occasionally also other ways to review the products, for example when we want to spotlight a specific collection, where you also may help. 

You may also want to give your input further in our concept by giving your opinion when we select new brands or new products, and of course evaluate the current collection, concept and service. This gives you a nice insight in the trends and brands and also how we make the decisions about the collections. 


If you like to write in english, dutch or french you may also contribute as a volunteer writer in our blog. Or for our social media if you are more interested in other ways of creating content, like photos or videos. We see case-by-case how we can best work together. This is a nice way to gather some writing experience, and get feedback on your texts from our team. And you might also get to meet interesting people especially if you would like to interview someone or write about a topic where you need to make some background research. You choose how much and how you contribute, there is no obligation. (For professional writers and content creators: contact us via mail!)



You can do it now, by filling a form on our website. Is there is any problem, send us a mail!

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