You have chosen to shop at supergoods out of thousands of other options.

We are so thankful, and we want to show it. This is why we have launched the good vibes club. It is our way of saying thank you. With a warm hug.

the supergoods team

For every spent euro you will receive points. You also get rewarded for bringing a friend to Supergoods, or for example participating in our recycling initiatives.
You can use your points the way you like. Collect a voucher or donate your points

It’s simple! To start with you shop at Supergoods and earn points. For every €1 spend you will get 5 points to enjoy. Later on you can earn even more points for every spent euro, because loyalty pays of! You can also get point by other ways, like referring a friend or participating in our recycling campaigns.

Use your points to get a voucher - you deserve it! Or make a donation to your favourite charity, even better. We work currently with a selected list of some of our favourite partners. Check them out!

Thank you again for shopping at Supergoods, it means a lot, and we hope to see you soon again in the stores or online!

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