This spring we have opened a new platform AS GOOD AS NEW for resale of new state fair fashion styles you may have in your closet. This is our way to help you with your misbuys or items which did not end up wearing as often as you could have or should have. Maybe the colour was not right after all, or the size or the model did not feel good, maybe you could not combine the piece with what you have. We all have been there! 


1. STATE: All the items have to be in a new state, nearly not worn. If you wish to sell more worn or older items, please turn to a vintage store near you, who may be able to help, or list your items on an online platform. Or donate for a good cause, if you want to make it as easy as possible.

2. AMOUNT: One client can submit max 7 items at one time, to control the quantity which we will offer.

3. SEASONAL: Think seasonal, as this is the way we work at Supergoods. In the Spring and Summer we sell Spring and Summer items, in the Autumn and Winter Autumn and Winter items. Sure, many items go for all seasons like simple tops or trousers. If you are unsure, just ask!

4. FAIR FASHION: We will accept items only from fair fashion brands which we sell or have sold, see the list underneath: 

Embassy of Bricks and Logs
Fam The Label
Jan N June
Knowledge Cotton Apparel
Kings Of Indigo
Mud Jeans
People Tree
Suite 13
Thinking Mu

For other brands, if they use more sustainable materials and operate fair, you can check with us, if we can make an exception. 


We first launched the pilot project in Mechelen, to test it first before spreading to other locations. This way we can see all goes smoothly and take in all feedback. If you however wish to offer your items in our other locations or online, please mail or call us, and we will see what is possible and give you more information.

We started the sale of AS GOOD AS NEW items in our store in Mechelen 11th March. You can offer us your items for the Summer season. And come shopping of course! 

Good news! After the launch in Mechelen we are now ready for spreading the model also to our store in Antwerp. The collection is not available in the store yet, but you can offer your items via mail for the upcoming collection in Antwerp.


Step 1: Wash and check your items thoroughly. Is the item surely AS GOOD AS NEW?

Step 2:  Take photos of your items and send them to with the title AS GOOD AS NEW. We will then see which items we can accept according to the state, the brand and style. 

Step 3: After you get a go via mail you can just bring your item(s) to Supergoods store, in Mechelen during Monday-Friday 10-18h, or Saturday 10-12h. Or in Antwerp Tuesday-Saturday 10-18h, Sunday 13–18h.

Step 4: We will price the items and give them an identification code which we use during the sales. This way we will trace all sales for the right customer at the cash register.

Step 5: Once your item is sold, we will send your balance as a voucher for you. This may take some time as we will follow the sales according to the volumes, 1-2 times per month at first. The voucher will arrive in your mail. 

Step 6: If your items is unsold after 3 months, we will ask you if you want to pick it up, or donate it to our partner Be The Fibre, for recycling. If we hear nothing from you we will donate the item after 4 months.


We will normally aim to price the item at around 50% of the value which it had in store, depending on the condition and the style. Of this amount you will get 50% back as a voucher. So, if you bring a jumper of the original new state value of €100, the price in the store would be around €50 and you would get €25 as a voucher, once and if the item is sold.

However we always value the items independently, for example some models and colours may be more outdated and we cannot sell them with this formula.


You can contact us at for any questions. We are always happy to help. You can also call us, please contact our stores.

Pssst! Follow the Instagram account here, for updates on AS GOOD AS NEW collection & items.
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