CIME Nuts About You Hand & Body Wash
Mandarin & cedar - With organic soap nuts that naturally wash your skin. This hand and body wash leaves your skin impeccably clean, while keeping it soft and hydrated. The invigorating perfume is made from an exquisite blend of nine essential...
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HelemaalShea Shaving Soap His & Hers
Put an end to irritated skin after shaving, and use this natural shaving soap. Bentonite clay makes the razor glide smoothly over the skin and provides a clean and smooth result. The lemon balm hydrosol soothes the skin and it...
HelemaalShea Body and Shampoo Bar Aloe Vera
Aloë Vera hair and body soap - with french green clay, unrefined shea butter and oatmeal. Aloe Vera is known that it does wonders for your hair - so it has a moisturizing effect, let your hair shine and can prevent...
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HelemaalShea Soap Bar Sea Salt
Sea salt has many benefits for the skin. It detoxifies, softens and moisturizes the skin, it reduces irritation to the skin and contains many nourishing minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine. This combination of minerals helps relax the...
HelemaalShea Body and Shampoo Bar Oatsilk & Calendula
The oat silk and Calendula hair soap is made with calendula extract and chamomile extract made from an infusion of olive oil. Calendula moisturizes and soothes. Chamomile extract is soothing for the skin. The shea butter improves the hair structure,...
HelemaalShea Body and Shampoo Bar Sweet Rose
A shampoo bar and body soap in one. The sweet rose hair soap and soap for the body is enriched with sweet almond oil and coconut milk. Both have skin and hair care properties. The essential oils of geranium, rosewood,...
HelemaalShea Body and Shampoo Bar Babassu
Babassu hair and body soap. A skin and hair soap in one. A natural, handmade and fragrance-free soap for body and hair. For sensitive skin. Free from coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil. For those who have an allergy...
HelemaalShea Body and Shampoo Bar Dead Sea Mud
The mud from the Dead Sea has a calming effect on troubled skin. A large amount of pure mud is added to this soap, which improves the blood circulation. This soap not only cleaning but also removes the fine mud...
RAY Face wash 250 ml
This face wash is super easy to use. It removes make-up and can be used as the only cleaning product for your face. It is good also for sensitive skin! Handy pump bottle and Ray quality from Ghent!
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Matcha & Green Tea
A handmade, natural soap made with vegetable oils and butters such as olive oil, coconut oil, Castor oil, cocoa butter and mango butter. This mild soap has a creamy foam and cleans the skin without drying it out. With lavender...
CIME Nuts About You Wash & Scrub
Is it a hand & body wash? Is it a scrub? It’s both! This exfoliating hand & body wash for daily use leaves your skin impeccably clean. Fineparticles of wood pulp gently exfoliate to reveal silky soft and glowing skin.Himalayan...
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Coffee Scrub
Provides a mild peeling and removes odor. This soap is indispensable in the kitchen, it makes dirty hands thoroughly clean after,  for example, working in the garden (mud), removes grease and dirt after diy jobs and removes odors on the hands...
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Activated Charcoal & Lemongrass
Handmade soap with only natural ingredients. With essential oils of lemongrass and a hint of ginger. The soap is black by the activated charcoal which is very effective to cleanse blemished skin that suffers from blackheads and acne. Activated charcoal...
HelemaalShea Facial Soap Bar Sea Buckthorn
Sea buckthorn oil comes from the seeds and pulp from the sea buckthorn berry. The sea buckthorn oil has a high content of fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenoids. It improves the elasticity of the skin and ensures is moisturizing....
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Triple Mint
Fresh soap with essential oils of peppermint, fir, juniper berry, cedar wood and spearmint. And kaolin clay purifies the skin gently, absorbs excess sebum and refines the pores. Suitable for all skin types. All shampoo bars and soaps from HelemaalShea...
RAY Body Wash Oolong tea 500 ml
A gentle body wash for you (and your family). Handy pump bottle and Ray quality from Ghent!
HelemaalShea Lavender body bar
This soap is made with coconut milk which gives the soap a delicious creamy lather.Coconut milk is mild to the skin and ensures that it does not dry out. Lavender essential oil has a strong calming effect and a wonderful...
RAY Face scrub 50 ml
Ideaal to get those dead skin cells and impurities scrubbed away.  Leaves your skin soft and clean, naturally!
HelemaalShea Citronella soap
Frisse zeep met biologische shea butter, biologische kokosolie en citronella etherische olie. Perfecte handzeep en douche zeep maar ook geschikt om mee af te wassen of schoon te maken. Of om make-up kwasten mee te reinigen. Geen plastic flessen meer...
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Cocoa & Cinnamon
This soap is enriched with a lot of real pure organic and fairtrade cocoa and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is naturally rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin E. It is known for its moisturizing properties. Because of the good ratio...
Le Baigneur Daily Use Soap
Daily use unisex soap. 100 g. Le Baigneur is a fresh artisan face and body care brand for men. The production takes place in Montreuil with French know-how and mainly by hand. The products are 100% natural, preferably from local...
RAY Cleansing oil Oolong tea 250 ml
A gentle bath & body oil for you (and your family). Handy pump bottle and Ray quality from Ghent!
HelemaalShea Soap Bar Seasonal special - winter soap
Seasonal Special - Winter Soap, handmade and natural peppermint soap bar with the fresh minty scent of peppermint essential oil. It cools, brightens and tones tired skin. Suitable for all skin types.  
WONDR Sensitive Apricot shower bar
Winter, autumn, spring, ... With our fruity Summer Dreams Shower Bar you feel sunny side up all year round! Argan oil and shea butter provide intense hydration, while aloe vera soothes even the most sensitive skin.  Suitable for all skin...

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