Supergoods started out in 2012 with a mission to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. In providing fair fashion in 3 stores and online, we aim to make a positive impact, together with our customers, in a world where fashion industry has too little interest in making things truly more fair and responsible.



1 out of 6 people in the world work in the fashion industry. Only an estimated 2% of them earn a livable wage. This organized poverty is not what we stand for. Supergoods only sells products from companies that pay their workers a fair wage, and that provide safe working conditions. This way, fair fashion changes lives. Transparency about working conditions is key for us, when selecting our brands. 

To ensure the living wage we will never be able to compete with the fast fashion prices. We promote a fair price for our clothing, and avoid massive sales and big promotions. That’s why we never discount new collection early or with big percentage.

Fashion has to slow down, and that’s why we invest in styles which you can wear season after season. 

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. More sustainable clothing is made of recycled, organic or textiles with small ecological footprint, and long lifecycle. The quality and the full lifecycle of the clothes is taken into account by design, all the way to repairing, re-using and recycling. More sustainable fashion is a environmentally and climate friendly alternative to fast fashion with its disposable, low quality garments. But only if you love your clothing all the way to the very end, and beyond. We prefer quality over quantity, long lifecycle recycled and ecological and natural materials.

We always choose the more ecological materials, like recycled or organic cotton instead of standard cotton, and recycled polyester or polyamide instead of using virgin resources based on oil. We also support brands making use of recycled wool, more sustainable option for wool. In our stores you can only find the more sustainable alternatives in fabrics.

However we are careful with promoting recycling when it is not the most sustainable solution, we want to avoid promoting the growing market of recycled PET bottles and polyester in fashion, and cutting down microplastics from textiles. This is why we leave these materials where they really are needed, sportswear and active wear.

In natural fibres we try to grow the share of recycled fibres every year, meaning we prefer recycled cotton and wool instead of virgin materials with bigger environmental footprint.

Quality, smart design and style are the core for us. Even if a garment is made with a small environmental footprint, if it will not be worn, it is not that sustainable. The quality, the materials, good fit and good design can ensure that the clothing will and can be worn at least 30 times, the average minimum amount of wears a garment has to have to justify the ecological footprint.

100% sustainable? Sorry, we cannot do that, and we advise you to stay away from companies making those kinds of claims. We only stock brands that work towards a more sustainable lifecycle of our clothing, every day and every year a little bit better, step by step. These brands have only collections with more ecological materials, and responsibility is part of their core and mission. At Supergoods you will be sure that your purchase supports a more sustainable economy and more sustainable brands.

We continuously ask our brands to be more transparent, and give more information about the production, where the materials are sourced. Some brands are here more active than others, even in the more sustainable market, and every brand has homework to do, before we have truly more circular fashion.

We love our work. And we love our clients. The choices you make, what you wear and how you wear it truly make a difference. This is also why we reward you for every purchase you make at Good Vibes Club, our loyalty club. And if you want to make even more impact, you can donate your rewards to good causes, to help us spread the good vibes even further, than what you already do with your purchase.

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