Björk & Berries Botanist Body Wash 250 ml
Nourishing Body Wash enriched with organic linseed oil and birch water with a scent of wild forests and a green garden. The scent of Botanist is inspired by the deep Swedish forest and a rambling wild botanical garden.Free from dehydrating...
Björk & Berries Fjällsjö Eau De Perfume 50 ml
Fjällsjö means mountain lake. A fresh scent of cold water and soapy skin with notes of clean cotton and deep musk. In the summer months, the ground turns green and shadows from the sky above paint a blurry picture on a...
Björk & Berries Solstice Eau De Perfume 50 ml
Solstice tells the enchanting story of embracing the `never ending light´ combined with the mythology and symbolism of ancient midsummer traditions. This collection is inspired by Sweden’s volatile seasons and the uniqueness of our nature. Cultural, natural and mythical wonders...
Björk & Berries White Forest Body Wash
A gentle body wash enriched with vitamins and organic birch extract that hydrates and gives the skin elasticity. White Forest is inspired by the mysterious birch [björk] forests up in the far north of Sweden - a sensual and melodramatic...
Björk & Berries Mareld Eau De Perfume 50 ml
Mareld is inspired by a rare phenomenon of the sea, where seemingly magical creatures illuminate dark waters and leave rays of a blue bioluminescent glow. Notes of crashing waves and seaweed turn into warm scents of bergamot, violet and tonka...
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