WONDR Juicy orange shampoo bar
Ban dandruff to the oubliette (or your shower drain) with our Orange is the new Bar Shampoo Bar. Aloe vera is your partner in crime against an irritated scalp. Nourishing castor oil gives you illegally lovely locks full of lustre. WONDR...
WONDR Relaxing patchouli shower bar
A big name for a big bar - Temple of Relax shower bar. Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa.Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
WONDR Crazy coconut shampoo bar
Dream away with the tropical scents of coconut and lemon. Our Crazy in the Coconut Shampoo Bar brings you in instant holiday mood, even in the midst of winter! Treat your hair and scalp to this delicious cocktail of coconut...
WONDR Sweet melon shampoo bar
WONDR shampoo bars give a delicate, creamy lather. Thanks to SCI: a mild foaming agent from coconut fatty acids. As effective as its chemical brothers SLS and SCS, but much milder for your scalp and the environment.YES to a clean...
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WONDR Lavender haze shampoo bar
Sway your hair and imagine yourself in la douce France! Real lavender oil in our Purple Healing Shampoo Bar gives your hair a sensational scent and has a calming effect. Jojoba oil protects, and shea butter makes even the driest...
WONDR Ocean Breeze shampoo bar
Bouncy beach hair straight out of your bathroom? Our Ocean Breeze Shampoo Bar with real sea salt gives you lustrous locks full of volume. Sea salt cleanses your hair from excessive oil, while coconut oil gives you that silky-smooth schwung....
WONDR Fresh larch shower bar
Need a little escape from daily life? Thanks to our Fresh & Alive Shower Bar with larch fragrance, you just have to close your eyes. Breathe deeply and imagine bathing in a pristine mountain lake surrounded by miles of luscious...
WONDR Apricot dreams shower bar
Winter, autumn, spring, ... With our fruity Summer Dreams Shower Bar you feel sunny side up all year round! Argan oil and shea butter provide intense hydration, while aloe vera soothes even the most sensitive skin.  Suitable for all skin...
WONDR Tea time shaving bar
Treat yourself to the smoothest shave EVER with the Shave T-time Shaving Bar. Thanks to the curved shape, the bar slides like butter over your skin. The creamy foam protects against sharp razor blades. Green tea, aloe vera and jojoba...
WONDR Larch shaving bar
With the Shave it Baby Shaving Bar your skin will feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Thanks to the curved shape, the bar slides over your skin like butter. The creamy foam protects against sharp razor blades. Jojoba oil,...
WONDR Facewash bar hemp
Wanna take your skin to new heights? Our Hemp your Day Facewash will blow your mind. Hemp oil hydrates and soothes, while vitamin E, argan oil and shea butter deeply nourish the skin. This facewash bar thoroughly cleanses your face,...
WONDR Vitamin boost facewash bar
Your pretty face deserves the best care! Wondr Vitamin boost facewash bar is packed with goodies like vitamin C, E, argan oil and shea butter. It cleanses your skin thoroughly, without drying it out. Suitable for sensitive skin. Soap free and perfume...
WONDR Miracle Body butter bar Larch
Yes, with our Miracle body butter bar you can expect miracles! Enjoy a relaxing self-care moment while superfoods like vitamin A, almond oil and shea butter firm your skin and make it supple and radiant.Also convenient to carry in your...
WONDR Repair Body butter bar Apricot
The Repair Body Butter stick is your guardian angel for dry, chapped skin. This solid body butter repairs and strengthens your skin for a soft result. Use the stick all over your body and enjoy long-lasting hydration.Also handy to take...
WONDR RePads grey 12 pack
 A must-have for every zero-waster! These Reusable Cotton Pads in bamboo are irresistibly soft for your skin ánd the planet. Comes with a handy washing bag for 100% convenience and 0% hassle.
WONDR RePads white 12 pack
 A must-have for every zero-waster! These Reusable Cotton Pads in bamboo are irresistibly soft for your skin ánd the planet. Comes with a handy washing bag for 100% convenience and 0% hassle.
WONDR Bamboo Shampoo bar holder round
Who said zero-waste living can’t be stylish? Our stunning Bamboo Shampoo Bar Holder is perfect to let your solid shampoo dry. Thanks to its natural look, this sustainable soap dish feels at home in every bathroom.
WONDR Energizing ginger scrub bar
No cup of coffee compares to this! With the Energizing ginger scrub bar you’re ready to take on the world! Poppy seeds gently exfoliate your skin while aloe vera and shea butter hydrate it deeply. With the fresh scents of lemon and...
WONDR Magnetic soap holder 3 pack
Do you want to hang your WONDR bars on the wall next to and below each other? This is perfectly possible with our Magnetic WONDR Bar Holder. That feels magical, doesn't it?
WONDR Sweet melon conditioner bar
Fresh, fruity and silky: that's how your hair will feel with the Sweet Melon conditioner bar. WONDR conditioner bars are extra concentrated and consist of no less than 30% nourishing butters. Use this solid conditioner with fresh melon scent together...
WONDR Lavender haze conditioner bar
The Purple Healing conditioner bar restores shine to even the driest locks. WONDR solid conditioners are much more concentrated than liquid conditioners and contain as much as 30% nourishing butters. Use this conditioner with relaxing lavender scent after the Purple...
WONDR 2-sided razor blades 5-pack
5 pack, stainless steel, universal blade to your safety razor.
WONDR Travel case
Take your favourite bars wherever you go with this indispensable storage and travel case! The built-in drip tray lets your bars dry completely wherever you are. Suitable for all Wonder bars, also XL size. Leak and rust free.
WONDR Me-Time Moment giftbox
This gift box has everything one needs for a nice me-time moment! A nice gift idea for someone special, who likes to keep their beauty moment plastic free, low waste and sustainable.  • Shampoo bar, lavender haze • Conditioner bar,...

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