RAY Tanning drops 30 ml
Subtle tanning drops for your skin. Use as they are or mix 3-5 drops in your day or night cream. No perfumes. Suitable for all skin types.  
Sold Out
RAY Sunscreen SPF 50 200 ml
Protect your skin from the sun with Ray sunscreen. This will not only prevent skin burns, but also pigmentation, skin aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer!High protection (SPF 50)Natural mineral sunscreenMat, non stickOcean-friendly
EQ Love After Sun
Face and Body. Hydrates and Soothes. Made to relieve skin that has been stressed and dehydrated from exposure to the sun, it quickly soothes and hydrates the skin whilst providing an immediate cool feeling.99.45% natural origin, allergen-free. certified organic by ECOCERT®, labelled...
RAY Aftersun lotion 250 ml
This sun lotion cools and hydrates your skin and helps your skin to recover after a sunny day. The lotion is not sticky and will absorb easily into your skin. Also suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Without perfume.  
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