ANDRÉE JARDIN Sneaker cleaning kit
Take care of your sneakers with this beautiful 4 piece kit. Brush: especially for your soles and laces. Sponge: white side for cleaning the upper of the shoe or delicate surfaces, orange side for inlaid soles or stains. Soft soap:...
Natural shoe polish, 60 ml.
ANDRÉE JARDIN Shoe care kit and polish
Kit contents:  1 polishing brush, 2 white silk applicator brushes, 1 microfiber cloth and 1 shoe polish. Handmade in France. The two applicator brushes will allow you to use the shoe polish or use one of them to clean your shoes before...
ANDRÉE JARDIN cedar oil 5 ml
Protect your natural fibre clothes against moths with this cedar oil.
ANDRÉE JARDIN Mini Shoe Care kit
Set includes one shoe polish brush and one shining brush. Spatula brush is made from beech wood and pure silk, while the Shoe Shining Brush is made from beech wood and horsehair. Handmade in France 16cm x 6.5cm x 5xm
ANDRÉE JARDIN Dishwashing kit
Take care of your dishes the old way, with beautiful artisanal products. This kit includes a cotton towel, a wooden brush, a sponge and a copper ball for heavy duty pans and pots.
ANDRÉE JARDIN Hand brush and dustpan white
Beautiful table dustpan and brush set, made in France.
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