• Fair fashion, what's the deal?

    #lang1: In surrounding countries like the Netherlands and Germany, fair fashion really is an item in the press and even in politics. Belgians might have a very progressive law, but when it comes to fair fashion, things are generally a bit more laid back and conservative... #lang2:In Nederland en Duitsland is fair fashion of eerlijke mode een hot topic in de pers, hier in...
  • Bring a little joy in your room with Brita Sweden

    #lang1: Please see the lovely new spring collection from Brita Sweden. European quality, durability, partly recycled plastic, safe from harmful chemicals and good even if you have allergy or asthma. #lang2: Bekijk de mooie nieuwe lentecollectie van Brita Sweden. Europese kwaliteit, duurzaamheid, deels gerecycled plastic, vrij van schadelijke chemicaliën en ideaal bij allergieën of astma.
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