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Quote Your Style - Styling evening with Kathleen!

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A few weeks back we had a nice co-operation with Salon Mo'na a wonderful - and sustainable! - hair salon here in Mechelen, and Audrey from Toile d'Etoiles. Participants could send a quote in Facebook of their style and one lucky winner, Kathleen, was selected for a whole evening of styling and pampering at Supergoods and Mo'na.  The evening started at Mo'na with hairstyling and continued later to the wellness section downstairs - yes - Mo'na is not just a hair salon.


Snip snip,  and soon the new haircut is starting to take form. And one can be happy with the result! 


And then off to the wellness of Salon Mo'na... Mind you, we gave some privacy to Kathleen at this point. 




And then it was already time to leave Mo'na at Korenmarkt and walk to Supergoods in Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat to meet Audrey, who was ready to give Kathleen a colour analysis and styling advice. We gave Kathleen a €100 worth of shopping budget to use now or later. And some champagne, and tapas from Ja! Evenementos, just around the corner from our shop - warmly recommended, by the way.




Finding the right colours with the help of Audrey. Yes, or no? Yes? Only after that it was time to go through the racks to see what would make a good outfit from the Autumn/Winter collection. 




Kathleen got also some make-up advice from Audrey, based on her own colours. The result is stunning, don't you think? 


Kathleen had finally some time to try a few outfits she had found with Audrey. A top by Studio Jux made of tencel (woodpulp) and a leaf print skirt by People Tree. And a soft petrol coloured dress with a peplum from Nancy Dee. 


The evening was over. We want to thank Salon Mo'na and Audrey for co-operation in organising the competition and the event. Plus of course Kathleen - one more time congratulations and we hope you really enjoyed it and find the styling advice useful.  Of course thanks for all the participants taking part, it was great to read all your quotes!