How to BBQ eco + fair with Veganistisch Koken


The temperatures are rising, good news. Did you already take out your barbecue, and get your terrace or garden ready for the summer? If not, maybe it is time to have a look at the great Brita Sweden carpets, which you can put on your patio or terrace.

But what are you gonna barbeque? The selection at the local supermarket can be rather disappointing, if your aim is to cook vegan or vegetarian. Luckily you can plan a head, and order online at the fantastic Veganistisch Koken webshop. They have a special BBQ collection. You can also find a lot of vegan cooking tips and recipes there. We recommend. A very special product is the vegan gambas!

Time to take a look at the Koppelverkoop for a nice summer dress, top or a pair of shorts. Or I mean all of them. If you get 3 items from the spring collection the cheapest is totally free.




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