Colour crush: dark crimson red by ARMEDANGELS


The new seasons are slowly starting to arrive in stores even if it is only July. You can already find some inspiration for the coming months also in Supergoods. With this post will also start a series of colour inspired blog posts. This comes also due to the opening of WOW colours, a colour studio located in Supergoods Mechelen, launching for Autumn 2024! We hope to inspire you to discover your colours and of course also this way make more sustainable choices for your wardrobe (and less of those misbuys).

Crimson red is a beautiful seasonal colour by ARMEDANGELS, that you can find in our stores right now. This dark red is darkened with some black, to add depth. During summer this colour combines nicely with lighter colours like white, off-white, beige, sky blue, pink. Or what about lemon yellow to make it a bit more edgy?

But this colour also works really well in autumn and winter. Think about combining this crimson red with black, navy, grey, anthracite, brown tones.

I would also really recommend to test the crimson red as a more vibrant alternative to navy blue. 

Do you like this colour? Would it suit you? Come to try it at Supergoods stores or order an item via the webshop

If you already know your colour palette, this colour ideal for someone with a cool colouring palette, as this crimson red is on the cool side. Due to the darkness it is recommended in the first instance for persons with dark cool colouring, so persons with the 'winter' colouring.

But in addition you can find this darker red in the palette of the cool and light and muted seasons, i.e. the 'summer' seasons. For the Summers this colour will be in the darker side of the range. 

Are you not sure if this colour is for you, then book a colour analysis at WOW colours. In order to know which colours complement you the best, and to get your personalised colour chart.


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