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Say hello to KeepCup!

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KeepCups mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups.  KeepCup does this by delivering engagingly executed and sustainably procured innovative products.

Abigail Forsyth - CEO of KeepCup - and his brother started a café business called Bluebag in Melbourne in 1998. As the business grew they became increasingly concerned about the volume of packaging waste in their business. They looked to purchase and sell reusable cups as an alternative to disposable, but observed that not only were existing options unsuitable for specialty coffee, they hadn’t won the hearts of consumers.

"Ceramic mugs were heavy, breakable, needing to be heated prior to filling and impossible to dose correctly with milk and coffee. Thermoses were bulky, unattractive and invariably the coffee shot had to be poured into the thermos destroying the crema on the shot. Further to this, both options were made of composite materials, making them dishwasher unfriendly and difficult to recycle at the end of life.

We had the notion to make our own, but were daunted by the enormous costs of set up and manufacture. My moment of clarity was when I was heating the milk in my daughter’s sippy cup one morning. Imagine if I gave her milk in a disposable cup and then discarded it? That idea seemed so wasteful, yet I did it with coffee twice a day! This moment was the call to action.

We took a huge gamble that usability and aesthetics were the key reasons for poor take up of reusables as an alternative to disposable cups. Our café experience was invaluable in providing input to make the KeepCup work behind the coffee machine as well as for the user", explains Abigail.

Almost four years later people purchase KeepCups because they love the way they look and feel, and continue doing so because they form a positive habit. 

KeepCup is less plastic compared to disposable cups. Disposable cups are lined with polyethylene and have a polystyrene lid, so there is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups to make one small KeepCup.

Canadian chemist Dr Martin Hocking calculated that break-even energy requirement to manufacture a reusable plastic cup versus a paper cup over a lifetime use was under 15 uses.

The KeepCup is available in four sizes XS/120ml for espresso, S/227ml and M/340ml for most coffees and XL/454ml for bigger lattes. Prices are between 10.95€ and 13.50€.

As the KeepCup fulfills the barista standards, it's accepted in many coffee shops.  For example Yves in Kaffee-ine in OLV-straat (Mechelen) is happy to fill your KeepCup!

Watch this video to find out more! Select your KeepCup style.