Welcome to Supergoods, Komodo!

A great new ethical clothing brand has arrived in Supergoods - Komodo from UK. Let the founder Joe Komodo tell the story behind the brand:  

"The Komodo label began to the vibrant new soundtrack of House music in the heady summer of 1988 when the wind blew me back to Bali and I managed to rope in some friends from Bristol Poly to come and help out. Named after the dragon that had once tried to eat me in earlier backpacking days, the brand was born out of a sense of fun and travel, with a philosophy of fair trade for both the skillful people who made our clothes and also for the environmental effect of the materials we used - but mostly it was about living our own lifestyle and avoiding having to get a proper job !

 Those were pioneering days for ethical fashion, only Katherine Hammnet was really making a point with it at the time and to be honest it wasn't as if we were campaigning for anything (except maybe Free Love!) it just seemed the right way to work. Now we have a whole world of ethical brands working with their own interpretations and that's great, 'cos you cant make a Scene on your own...

We are a Fashion Lifestyle brand first and do our best to be as ethical as we can in the process, rather than  Eco-warriors trying to make fashion.

So, here we are more than 20 years on... still batting... still in London, Bali and Kathmnadu where it all began... still independent and true to our roots. We've seen some changes but still know it's quality that shines through and wins the day."


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