VERSATILE PARIS Sea, sud & sun - perfume extract 15 ml

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Perfume extract 15ml, concentrated at 30%

Fresh. Pastis. Fig. Iced. Neroli.
Musky. Tropezian. Salty. Marine.

This perfume smells good, it is original, genderless, vegan & alcohol-free.

This perfume is made up of a mixture of vegetable oils (67%) and a perfume concentrate (33%):

  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Spain): Sweet Almond vegetable oil, renowned for its moisturizing and soothing properties.
  • Perfume - Fragrance (Grasse): The appellation that brings together everything but which never reveals itself! Our perfume contains 37 natural (🌱) and synthetic (🔬) ingredients


🔬 Ethyl linalyl acetate Citrus: Bergamot, Freesia

🌱 Bergamot Essence - Italy Citrus: Tea, Zesty

🌱 Bitter Orange Essence - Argentina Citrus: Orange, Zesty

🔬 Camphor Aromatic: Eucalyptus, Peppery

🌱 Lemon Essence - Italy Citrus: Zesty, Citrusy

🔬 Linalool Floral: Lavender, Zesty

🌱 Orange Essence - Cuba Citrus: Zesty, Fruity

🌱 Petitgrain Essence - Paraguay Orange floral: Zesty, Aromatic


🔬 Aldehyde C18 Fruity: Coconut, Solar

🔬Ambroxan Woody: Amber, Iridescent

🔬 Anethol Aromatic: Aniseed, Floral

🔬 Ethyl Phenyl Alcohol Floral: Lilac, Winey

🔬 Aurantiol Floral: Orange, Anthranyl

🔬 Canthoxal Aromatic: Anise, Almond

🔬 Coumarin Balsamic: Almond, Floral

🌱 Fennel Essence - France Aromatic: Aniseed, Spicy

🌱 Fir Balsam Absolute - Woody: Softwood, Pine

🌱 Orange Blossom Absolute - Morocco Floral: Orange, Honey

🔬 Floralozone Floral: Marine, Anise

🔬 Geraniol Floral Rose: Verbena, Lychee

🌱 Ginger Essence - Madagascar Spicy: Peppery, Citrusy

🔬 Hedione Floral: Jasmine, Watery

🔬 Nerol Floral: Rosé, Orange

🔬 Phenylethyl Phenylacetate Balsamic: Honey, Green

🔬 Phenyl Hexenol Floral Rosé: Green, Zesty

🔬 Isopropoxyethyl Salicylate Floral White Flowers: Cherry Blossoms, Solar

🔬 Stemone Green: Fig, Mint


🔬 Heliotropin Balsamic: Cherry, Almond

🔬 Helvetolide Musky: Floral, Red fruits

🌱 Immortelle Absolute - Italy Amber: Animal, Liquorous

🔬 Iso E Super Woody: Iridescent, Earthy

🔬 Methyl Brass 10 Woody: Coconut, Sandalwood

🔬 Musk T Musky: Floral, Blackberry

🔬 Muscenone Musky: Animal, Powdery

🌱 Pine Essence - Siberia Woody: Conifer, Camphor

🔬 Undecarvertol Green: Fruity, Violet Leaves

🔬 Vanillin Balsamic: Almond, Spicy

  • Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (Italy): Wheat germ vegetable oil, renowned for its nourishing and softening properties.
  • Tocopherol (Spain): Anti-oxidant derived from Vitamin E which serves to prevent rancidity of the oily base.
  • 7 allergens in small quantities (less than 0.1%). They are present in natural ones or are used alone, as synthetic notes.

Coralie Frébourg founded Versatile Paris, in the aftermath of corona pandemie in 2021. She had graduated from the École Supérieure du Parfum in 2019 in Paris, and shortly considered a very different career for herself, in marketing for a large luxury perfume group. But luckily she changed her mind, and went on to develop her own perfume brand. The mission was clear and bold: perfumes that smell good, are original, genderless and alcohol-free. 

Extracts are twice as concentrated (30-38%) as an Eau de Parfum, they will diffuse on your skin all day long.  Coralie made a conscious choice to not choose exclusively between natural or synthetic. By combining both, our perfumes are longlasting on the skin and protect our eco-systems from excess. Versatile chooses transparency, they reveal all the formulas of the perfumes.

Versatile bottles are small, light, nomadic and practical. No more regrets after buying a bulky 100 ml bottle just to discover that maybe the scent was not right for you.

Made in Grasse, France.

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