PAPU Love Sweatshirt Multicolor Women
Women's all-over printed basic sweatshirt with long sleeves. O-neckline, ribbing around the neckline, cuffs and hem. Casual fit.  The pattern LOVE tells a story about love that is multi-colored, variegated and can hold even shades of longing. The pattern is casually painted...
€139.00 €97.30
PAPU Fitted Shirt Crossroads Multicolor Women
Women's woven lyocell button-up shirt with collar. Hidden buttons down the front. Long sleeves with slits and buttons on wrist band. Round neckline and shirt collars. Beautiful pleats on the back. Normal fit, slightly a-lined design. Crossroads print is originally drawn with markers. It...
€169.00 €118.30
PAPU Pleated Shirt Love Multicolor Women
Women’s slightly widening shirt has beautiful pleats at the neckline and cuffs. The round neckline has a small turtle collar and a button and slit at the back. Long sleeves have slits and buttons.  The pattern LOVE tells a story about love that...
€179.00 €125.30
PAPU Shirt Dress Mini Beans Black Cream Women
Woven cotton dress with collar. Snap buttons at the front to the waist. Buttons are nickel free. Removable fabric belt. Long sleeves with button slit on back. Round neckline. The hem is shorter in front, above knee length and longer in the back, splits on...
€189.00 €132.30
PAPU Ruffle Dress Love Multicolor Women
Women's long all-over printed dress with pockets on the side seams. Turtle collar, buttons at front. Long sleeves, high wrist band with slit and button at the back of the wrist band. A-lined hem. Tight fit. The pattern LOVE tells...
€239.00 €167.30
PAPU Scrunchie Crossroads Multicolor Women
Women's scrunchie. Elastic band inside.  Crossroads print is originally drawn with markers. It mirrors the paths that comes on our way in human life: Which turn are you going to take? Is your next step bravely bold or is it...
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