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Sewing is hip

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Last week we saw in my favourite Belgian TV show Werk aan de Winkel, how a local clothes and knitting shop turned into a totally new and higher level. Lazuli was helped by the mighty Aline Juliá, and what great job she did encouraging owner Hilde to organise sewing workshops and really do where her heart was. They got some sponsoring from Singer also, which Hilde was so happy about. Really these reality shows that get the best out of you are just so much nicer than reality TV was 10 years ago, with Big Brother and other shows that were based mainly on embarrasing yourself. Now it is all about growth and support - just great!

Anyhow the topic of this post was supposed to be sewing. I would really like to participate some of the workshop in Lazuli, but there is also a great great online sewing course Home EC, for the ones who like to proceed on their own pace. This is absolutely not local, but what the heck, it is all in the internet, so nobody is going anywhere really. The organisers are highly creative Leigh-Ann and Rachel from Winnipeg, Canada. Leigh-Ann is a co-owner of Freckled Nest, a very interesting design firm.

So sewing, hip, but takes a bit of patience. It is of course good to use the materials in hand. This way the hobby is also free and - indeed - ecological. Upcycling is the word.