• Ecological and great shoes

    Swedish Hasbeens is a great place to get clogs, loafers, boots or even bowling shoes. And do they look cool. In addition, they are rather comfy. Moreover they are hand-made in Sweden out of natural materials. So this is a great buy for someone looking to buy shoes that are kind to the nature and produced responsible. And when you are done with them...
  • Supergoods in Twitter

    You can now follow Supergoods in Twitter. Our Twitter name is supergoods_design. We will try to use it actively. The feed will surely be also visible on our website. Social media enables quick information flow. But we should also stay disconnected sometimes. Luckily there is also a technical solution available (and yes it is in the internet!), namely a program called SelfControl with which...
  • This market is under construction

    We will keep you updated on any progress!
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