Product of the week: LUCKY BOY SUNDAY (-10 %)

This week's Product Of The Week (with the -10 %!) is our brand LUCKY BOY SUNDAY, producer of colourfull, funny and mysterious pillows, covers and all sorts of dolls. All of them are made in a fair trade setting in Bolivia of 100% baby alpaca wool. 

Alpaca's are basically a smaller kind of lama. Alpaca wool is part of an elite group of luxury fibers. 100% alpaca stuff is comparable in softness to 

cashmere. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and bears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. All that makes it a very nice material for babies, for example. ANd o yeah, alpaca fiber is also flame-resistant. Alpaca wool is also known to stay in shape much better than other kinds of wool.

Baby alpaca wool is extremely soft as it is the wool that is collected from the first shearing of an alpaca. Thus, it is also more rare than regular alpaca.

Lucky Boy Sunday is really a Danish Brand, brainchild of Camilla and Camilla, who are especially inspired by dreams. But it's the craftmanship of Bolivian women that makes their dreams come to life, though. By the way, nearly 99% of the world's 3 million alpacas live in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

Anyway, this is your big opportunity to get yourself some super soft baby Alpaca pillow, cover or doll.
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