Knowledge Cotton Apparel: -10 % this week. But what makes this brand ecological?

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

100% Organic Cotton and Happy Sheep Wool clothing

Why it is important to use organic cotton

Did you know? To for example make 1 million T-Shirts from conventional Cotton uses 165,000 Kg of chemicals, equivalent to the weight of 4.5 full 18 wheeler trucks. That's why we only sell organic cotton clothing, like Knowledge Cotton Appar

el, who thus save our planet and health from 165 grams of chemicals and pesticides by each T-shirt that they produce by simply using organic cotton. These savings has a positive impact on our planet, health and vegetation. The goal of Knowledge Cotton Apparel is to save the environment from 150 tons of pesticides and fertilizers by the year 2015 through the use of 100% Certified Organic Cotton. 

HAPPY SHEEP wool? ORGANIC WOOL? What is that supposed to mean? 

Well, listen up.

First of all, producers are required to ensure that they do not exceed the natural capacity of the land on which animals graze. Second, so-called mulesing is n
ot allowed, which means that the skin around the buttocks stays untouched while shaving - mulesing, the removal of the skin carrying the wool, is common practice against flystrike in many areas.
Third, the use of fattening up aids or pesticides on either the animals or the soil on which they graze.

100% ORGANIC WOOL means that the last third of the gestation must be Certified Organic.The use of synthetic hormones and genetic engineering are prohibited. The use of synthetic pesticides (internal and external and pastures) are prohibited. For example, pesticide baths are prohibited.

The woolen sweaters and scarves of Knowledge Cotton Apparel are -10% this week. Just like everything else of this cool brand. Enjoy!
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