Novelties at Supergoods

The shop is up and running! August is normally a holiday month around Mechelen, but it has been busy enough. It is nice to get positive comments on the shop and the products. There has been a lot of interest on Elvis&Kresse bags, which are made of used firehoses, a very durable material. This is why the bags really last for years and years. A great product indeed.

Malafor paper sofas have gotten also a lot of interest, although you have to persuade people to try them. Believe it or not, when you sit back in a Malafor, it is really comfy.

Norrback's winter selection is of course a big hit. The colors are a nice mixture of cold and warm. Our favorites are the apricot Ilona dress, Fox printed Nilla, and the fancy fake fur jacket. 

Nurmi's Auli dress has been in your window the first days. It is made of super colorful overstock fabric from the 1990's. A must have!

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