• Welcome to Supergoods, Komodo!

    A great new ethical clothing brand has arrived in Supergoods - Komodo from UK. Let the founder Joe Komodo tell the story behind the brand:   "The Komodo label began to the vibrant new soundtrack of House music in the heady summer of 1988 when the wind blew me back to Bali and I managed to rope in some friends from Bristol Poly to...
  • New models and colors in Brita Sweden rugs

    Check out the new Brita Sweden colors and models! We will soon add them to the webshop, but you can already order them from us upon request!      
  • Newcomers!

    It is still warm outside but we have already many many new items and brands waiting for the starting season! So exciting! We have extended our collection of Armed Angels to affordable basics, basic tops starting from 19,90€. We have more options in the collection of ecochique Ekyog, check the multifunctional Metamorphoses items. We have new chino model in Monkee Genes and many more new...
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