Nurmi is a sustainable clothing label that wants to bring back the times when both the quality and the design of clothes were meant to last. For Nurmi sustainability means quality, long-lasting design, ecological materials, environmentally-friendly production process, ethical working conditions and most of all, clothes that you will cherish forever.


Design process

The designs stem from everyday life. It’s an ongoing subconscious process where we observe the world around us: the shapes of old buildings, the colors of a morning sky, the pattern in a worn-out chair seen in a flea market. All these details are used as an inspiration in Nurmi garments.

The Nurmi garments are divided loosely into collections but many of the items will continue their life also in the following collections. This is why we don’t think of only one season when designing a new collection. It is more so a continuous process where we improve the existing styles and design new items which will complement the older ones.


Nurmi loves stylish yet cosy clothes which respect the environment and people around us. More about sustainability here.

Anniina Nurmi

Anniina Nurmi is the designer behind Nurmi collection. She passionately wants to do her own part in building a more ecological, ethical and transparent way of making clothes. For her design and sustainability goes hand in hand – there is not one without the other.

Anniina Nurmi has a strong knowledge of sustainable fashion industry. In addition to managing Nurmi label, she offers design and consultancy services in the field of ecological and ethical clothing industry. 

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