Wonderbar Rose & Almond Oil Soap
Confidence, independence and empowerment is what we’re smelling here! Rounded off with a hint of rose and almond oil for extra smoothness. Girls can do anything. You go girl!
Wonderbar Matcha & Shea Butter Soap
For all you Matcha-Lovers out there: this one’s for you! Organic matcha purifies the skin while shea butter hydrates and deeply moisturizes. Your skin will thank you very matcha!  
Wonderbar Healing Clay & Lemongrass Soap
This healing clay soap is ideal for troubled skin. It gently cleanses, detoxifies and regenerates with the scent of fresh lemongrass. Use this one under the shower for big soft bubbles and there will be no bad days!
Wonderbar Orange Peeling Soap
Enriched with pumice stone powder and annatto seeds, this soap will exfoliate away dry, dead skin. Just soap and scrub your body under the shower in one simple motion. You'll never be swiped left again. Just saying!
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Wonderbar Lemon Soap
Need a wake-up call? We got you covered! With the smell of fresh lemons and sunshine, this soap will get you going in the morning. It’s really that easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Wonderbar Sea Salt Soap
We’ve collected the finest boy tears for you and turned those salty tears into a mineral-rich salt, which will make your skin absolutely soft! It’s also extra extra foamy! Oh, we almost forgot: we promise no boys were harmed in the...
Wonderbar Mint & Green Clay Soap
This mint soap is ideal for your morning shower to start the day extra fresh! Green clay purifies and has a wonderful silky feel, leaving your skin smooth and soft. We promise: nobody will be fresher than you! 
Wonderbar Olive & Sea Salt Soap
 This olive & sea salt soap is unscented and especially gentle to the skin. This bar is extra creamy and rich in olive oil for healthy nourished skin. It won’t get any realer than this!  
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