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Yoni pads medium

Yoni pads medium

10 organic cotton pads with wings. Yoni organic cotton pads have a backing made from bioplastic. This makes them more breathable than plastic ones. The pads have wings and are individually wrapped in bioplastic for on the go.

Made from 83% certified organic cotton and 17% from biodegradable biopolymer derived from cornstarch. The used organic cotton is certified by the SOIL Association according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Made without: rayon, polyester, perfume, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, pesticide-treated cotton, chlorine or chlorine dioxide processing, SAP, ethanolamine, diethylhexyl adipate, acetone, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, or acetophenone