So happy to invite you - yes you - to our online stocksale. On this online only event you can can help us get more room in our stock, which at the moment is a little bit too much, due to mainly some not so good seasons due to inflation, higher costs and less budget to shop by our clients, we think. A true win - win: we get some more space and needed extra euro's to finance the following months, and you get some nice eco + fair bargains!

The rules for the stocksale are:

1. The stock is available online only. You can select pick-up in store for our stores in Mechelen and Antwerp, this way you can avoid shipping costs of your order and returns.

2. You have the right to return, as with all our online sales. The return is free if you return your order in our store in Mechelen, Antwerp or Ghent. Otherwise the client would need to pay the return. Please return also your RePack with your order. In case of return or exchange, please contact us asap, and return your order in 14 days.

3. Not sure of the right size, send us a mail to, we are very happy to help you, this way we can limit returns due to wrong size.

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