Costo’s aim is to create something new for the present without altering the sustainability of the future. This philosophy runs through the whole production process of Costo accessories.

When a Costo product is born, it is not just a vision made to reality without giving any thought about the consequences of the choices made in the designing process. In Costo products all the choices reflect Costo’s unique philosophy of sustainable design.

Costo is a creation of three Helsinki based designers who combined their own unique visions and skills to form something new and unprecedented in the field of design. In today's world where diminishing natural resources question the ethics of constantly designing new things to consume, Costo decided to do things different. 


They started to utilize industrial leftover materials to satisfy their need to create in a more sustainable and ecological way. This innovation was combined with their unique visions of style and Costo started to produce different accessories and designs. The concept proved worthy and Costo has been on a roll since then.

Costo accessories combine three aspects: quality, ecology and style, which tangle into the unique philosophy of sustainable design uphold by the people behind the brand.

Costo’s measure of quality is based on proper skills in handicrafts and on the experiences gathered when Costo products were done by the designers themselves in the beginning. This knowledge ensures that Costo has mastery over the whole production process so that the quality of production is always in control.

Ecology is in Costo’s vision an implicit attribute of quality. A product made properly to last is implicitly also ecological. But Costo’s major contribution to ecological design is the utilizing of industrial leftovers as the materials of its products. Using these leftovers Costo makes sure that its products do not add up excessively to the strain that the industry puts on natural resources.

For Costo style is also a criterion for quality and ecology. Costo style ignores trends and fashion fads and it strives to make products that stay fashionable regardless the period in question. Costo style is for everybody. It doesn’t pigeonhole people into narrow genres or segments. Costo’s style is in fact an anti-style. It goes against the prevailing throw-awayism, where things are produced only for a moment’s pleasure. Costo is not servant to any genre or time. It strives for style without borders. For Costo ecology, style and quality go hand in hand.
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