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White Sage Cedar Body Lotion 200ml STW

The refreshing fragrance of white sage revitalizes the body and mind and returns the natural moisture to the skin, leaving it fresh and soft to the touch. Mild cleansers and moisturizing ingredients gently clean the skin without drying it out. The velvety touch of cedar activates the senses and adds a fresh kick to your daily shower.

Size 200ml.


Water, organic soya oil, triglycerides (vegetable oil mixture), vegetable glycerin, organic alcohol, glycerin fatty acid ester, cetearyl alcohol, organic jojoba oil, organic sesame oil, mixtures of fatty acids + mono- / diglycerides, organic shea butter, isoamyl laurate (vegetable oil mixture), organic acids from sugar cane and basil, monoester of glycerin with caprylic acid, xanthan, bioactive acid from rice, citric acid, lecithin, vitamin E, organic sunflower oil, etheric oil mixture.