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Made Sustained thermos 0.5 l silver fully stainless steel

Made Sustained thermos 0.5 l silver fully stainless steel

You can fill your Made Sustained bottle with warm or cold drinks. Refill and keep hydrated during the whole day. The double RVS 304 insulation will keep your warm drink warm for 4 hours. Your cool drinks will stay refreshing and cold even 20 hours. The 500 ml bottle is still compact to take with you. 26,5 cm high and 7 cm wide at the bottom.

Made Sustained Knight Bottle is fully made out of stainless steel! The difference with the Made Sustained Bottle is that the Knight Bottle has a fully stainless lid. NO PLASTIC! Your coolest or hottest companion, refill and stay hydrated whole day long. Leak-proof, BPA free and double walled 304 stainless steel that keeps your drink warm for 4 hours and cool up to 20 hours. With 500ml the size of the bottle is still compact and easy to take with you. The size of the bottle is 26,5cm high and 7cm wide. It fits your bike's holder!