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Ecoalf Flip Flop roan rouge

Ecoalf wants to reduce the impact on the planet by using less natural resources by recycling what others think has no second chance. For this reason, they design comfortable, sophisticated and lightweight footwear: we would like you to make the least footprint possible on the planet.

Ecoalf and SIGNUS with CTCR (shoe technology center of Rioja) launched the first Flip Flops made of used tyres is launched in the market during the summer 2014. Two years of research have resulted in the first sandals 100% recycled, but what´s remarkable (besides the re-use of used material) is it´s accomplished with a treatment that can fix the air particles of the recycled tyres via pressure and heat, without using any type of adhesive or chemical products.

Ecoalf flip flops are made by hand in Spain from materials that come from 100% recycled tires.