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Brita Sweden Flower sun rug 170x250cm

Flower is a soft plastic rug made in Sweden. The graphic design as well as the soft material is made to last and will give your home that scandinavian feeling for as long as you like. These reversible plastic rugs are made from soft plastic foil/vinyl and has been produced in Sweden according to old Swedish weaving traditions. It contains no heavy metals or toxic softeners. The material is partly recycled. Each rug is unique, so take into consideration that the size may vary slightly.

Care: The rug can be used indoors and outdoors but if it’s exposed to direct sunshine for a long time, colors might fade. Don’t leave it outdoors in wintertime.

Wash: Rinse stain, don’t rub. Hand or machine wash in cold water (30°C). No spincycle or tumble dry. Shape in wet condition and hang dry. May shrink 1–2%. Handle it with care and it will brighten up your home for a long time!

Delivery: between 2 and 10 days.