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ArmedAngels Spring 2015 coming in soon

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Yes, there is a lot of deliveries coming in these days, so exciting. We try to keep the webshop as updated as we can, so you will be able to see the items as soon as possible and place your order to make sure you get your size and the style you want. 

One of our absolute bestseller is the german ArmedAngels. We will have many deliveries from them during the spring, for the summer we will have an exciting high summer collection. If you are new to fair or eco fashion ArmedAngels is a good brand to start with. The style is casual yet fresh and the price tags are acceptable, even if you can be sure there is no sweatshop involved and all workers will get a fair pay. That sounds good, doesn't it? But lets see how it looks like.



Here are just some of the styles coming very soon to the shop and online. There will be exotic patterns, some pale pink, and cobalt blue, check the blue ochre pants which we just love.



ArmedAngels has a collection for men too. Here are our favourites in the first delivery:



And this is what made us think about Valentine's:

 In the meanwhile you can have a look at the ArmedAngels items on sale and in stock at the moment.