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Elle told it us on Christmas day, it is better to buy less, but better clothes, which form a wardrobe which is practical, easy to combine and lasts great for the following seasons. We are happy to hear this, as it is ecological as well as economical. 

Buy investing in fewer pieces makes also room for ethical fashion to thrive. It is best to select items which are:

A. good quality and will last
B. well designed so that you will love them longer
C. they have been made in sustainable way with respect to environment and people.

Save the environment, save money and avoid situations where you have nothing to wear. Win-win-win. 

Combine it with vintage items, up-cycled clothes plus lent treasures and you are good to go to a more sustainable 2015!

Psst: Check also these tips on a sustainable wardrobe by Notes from a thoughtful life or this blog insert from Oh Simple Thoughts.